We have highlighted some of the brilliant work being done to support mental health up and down the country, where over a million community assets exist, including the arts, culture, heritage, libraries, green spaces, community centres, clubs, groups and volunteering groups.

Examples of best practice

Hip Hop Heals

Hip Hop Heals is using therapeutic Hip Hop as an art-based alternative to medication, bridging the gap between Hip Hop and therapy.

Join a special interest group

Arts, Crafts and Mental Health

Nature, Outdoors and Mental Health

Digital Community Assets and Mental Health

Singing and Mental Health

Shared Reading: Literature, Libraries and Mental Health

Evaluation and Ethics in the Arts and Mental Health

Arts & Health Practitioner Support

Hip Hop, Spoken Word and Mental Health

Archaeology and Mental Health

Do you want to learn more about how social, cultural and community engagement affects mental health? Take part in our online training course run in partnership with the Royal Society for Public Health.